Aline Berdichevsky - Niche 7, necklace Aline Berdichevsky - Reconstruction 3, brooch Aline Berdichevsky - Untitled, jewellery piece Aline Berdichevsky - Nuts About You, brooch Aline Berdichevsky - Reconstruction 12, brooch

Welcome to El taller de Aline Berdichevsky

This is the place where I, Aline Berdichevsky, display my contemporary art jewellery created in my workshop ("taller") in Barcelona, Spain.

I hope you like my work and enjoy your visit!

Oh, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any thoughts, comments and ideas...

About Aline

Aline Berdichevky, portrait

I am a jeweller born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, but formed professionally in Barcelona, Spain.

Being a migrant as well as a descendant of several generations of migrants, my work focuses on the meaning of identity in our ever-moving and ever-changing world.

Through artistic jewellery I reflect upon traditions, which can and cannot be broken. I also try to decipher the forms that accompany us along our permanent transcience — what can be rescued and reconstructed after mixed feelings have been drawn and blurred between places.

At the present moment, I am trying to capture and set the boundaries of the void that remains after a chaotic displacement has taken place.

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